Studio9 is one of the first media companies to focus on creators, not profits for itself. We always work towards ensuring that creators needs are met and that they can focus on making the content they want.


We're a small team, working with a small group of creators. Just about everyone knows just about everyone, and it's a piece of cake to reach out to others.

Benefits to Creators

We work closely with several companies to give as many opportunitites for creators as possible and invest heavily into making sure every one of them can focus on their work. Interested in sponsoring a creator or wanting to make a deal with our team? Reach out today.

Why We Bother

As we're creators ourselves, we've seen some of the other MCNs out there. Either they give you everything and more with little freedom or they give you nothing at all and give you « bragging rights ». At Studio9, we challenge the status quo with concerningly low cuts from on-platform and deals escrowed through us (5% at most; split 2.5-2.5 with our employee and charity after covering server costs). Any revenue made off our platform or deals that our creators do on their own is entirely our creators. Not a penny goes to us.
We also do our best to enable our creators as much as possible by getting them the tools they need to create amazing things. We're always in their corner making sure they can focus on what they love.

We love to make content. The people who work actively and have helped in ways big and small all make content: be it through photography, cinematography, coding, et cetera. We just want to empower as many people as possible to make themselves and others happy.