Services We Use

At Studio9, we miticulously choose every tool we use to craft this network. These are the tools we use, as well as what we use them for.

For developing Studio9:

  • Flutter in our mobile apps
  • Golang, Rust, and React NodeGui in our internal apps
  • GraphQL (specifically via Apollo) in our public and private API
  • Next.js in our web app and this site ( and, respectively)
  • Plausible Analytics in our web app and this site (self-hosted on GCP)

To provide Studio9 and its services:

To build Studio9:

  • Discord to communicate with creators
  • Figma to prototype and design UI/UX, as well as graphics for the platform
  • GitHub to store source code and easily setup CI/CD
  • Google Workplace for all emailing needs (proper DPAs have been signed to protect your data, as well as ours)
  • Keybase to easily send files prior to the creator dashboard launching internally
  • Namecheap DNS for propagating DNS records reliably