Your privacy is just as important (if not more) than our own. We go to big strides to ensure that your privacy is protected as much as possible. We're commited to making sure our services are private-by-default by being a member of the Private by Default campaign.

What data is collected and why?

We collect the following information via a self-hosted Plausible Analytics server:

  • Page URL- We use this to see how many times a page has been viewed
  • HTTP referer- We use this to see how many people are coming from certain websites
  • Browser- We use this to see what browsers and browser versions are being used
  • Operating system- We use this to see what operating systems are being used
  • Device type- We use this to see what kinds of devices are being used (desktop, laptop, mobile)
  • Vistor country- We use this to get a general idea of where users are from. This is found using the visitor's IP address, which is only used to find said country and then is discarded. It is never stored in our database or logs.

None of this data can be linked back to you by us.

Who has access to or processes your data?

Studio9, the vast majourity of its staff and creators, and its servers are under the jurisdiction of France. This means that the French government has the ability to request user information from us. Due to our commitment to privacy, we would only provide data if they provide us with a valid legal order such as a subpoena. Should they provide us with such order and a valid email address to find the user in question, we will still be unable to give them any information because we can't link login tokens to users.

To see a full list of the service providers we use for behind-the-scenes, as well as in our services, visit our subprocessors about page.

How do we protect your data?

Truth be told: there's no be all and end all to protect your data. But, we do our best to use modern-day encrpyion methods as well as strict preloaded HSTS, DNSSEC, and CSP to ensure your experience is as secure as possible.

Where can I find past versions of this policy?

This site's codebase is hosted publicly on GitHub. You can check the list of changes to this policy here.


You can write to legal [at] to get help as swiftly as possible on amedning and fixing this document, as well as getting answers to questions regarding this policy. We only respond to emails written in English or French, at this time.